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Durol  Laboratories

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Durol Labs is world class contract and Private Labels skincare manufacturer, where you can develop, process and customized all your Skincare and personal care products according to your request. Contact us today for all your personalized skin care, hair care, nail care and foot care products with your signature and logo on it. Durol Laboratories offer Private Label and Custom Formulas, let our experienced team of scientists have your Skincare and personal care products, develop, process and manufacture for you.

Private Label
Millions of dollars are spent annually by consumers to purchase skin care products. Promote and market your own brands to consumers. The more your brands are recognized the greater the value. As a Salon, Spa owner, Dermatologist, and marketer you can increase the value of your business through skin care branding. This is particularly worthwhile as your clients look to you and your staff for expert advice. They respect your judgment, knowledge and trust your recommendations. Your endorsement is the most powerful influence on their skincare buying decisions. Why not start building your own valuable brand today?.

Please contact us for the price quote:Tel: 866-611-9694, Fax: 203-361-3890  to allow us to take your ideas to the next level, at a competitive price.